Design in movies: week 6

Hi there! Here is the week 6 of our design in movies.

For those who don’t know the game yet, you can win a beautiful chair every week! If you wish to get a chance to win, just spot design furniture in movies you watch; make a screenshot and send it to me.

What do we have this week?

Waouw! Duc has done a very good work! Many pictures to discover!

On the first picture, in the TV series “Castle”, Duc identified the Bertoia stool chair by Harry Bartoia, who’s sitting on the Bertoia chair? Can you tell me? . I think it’s the first time we see those chairs since the beginning of the game. Great :-)

Bertoia stool chair design furniture in tv series Castle ( in a bar )

Here is a  picture of the movie “Quantum of Solace. You’ll see in the middle, the famous Swan chair and on the right the Swan Sofa by Arne Emile Jacobsen.

swan-chair-and-sofa- in Quantum of Solace (1) in design in movies

Who doesn’t remember the movie “Austin Powers”??? Duc identified here the Ox Chair from by Hans Wegner. Good job Duc!

By the way, we still have to put those online, but we have 5 in stock. Send us an email if interested… :)

Ox Chair from Hans Wegner designer in Austin Powers ( Dr Evil's Chair )

In the same movie, we have Mike Myers and the pretty Heather Graham sitting in the Bocca Lip Sofa inspired by Salvator Dali. Amazing Sofa isn’t it? We have two of those in stock as well!

Lip Sofa design by Bocca ( Studio 65 - 1972)  - in movie Austin Powers

Duc also watched the movie “Hunger games”  produced by Gary Ross, we have seen other pieces of furniture in this movie before. Duc found a new picture of Woody Harrelson is sitting in the Elda chair designed by Joe Colombo.

Joe Colombo's Elda chair in the-hunger-games-design in movies

And now in the famous TV series “Sex and the city” Duc identified two amazing Norman Cherner chairs.

Duc’s pictures selection is very interesting because there are many furniture we haven’t see before!!

Design in movies Norman Cherner's chairs - Sex and the City (  PETROVSKY'S-KITCHEN )

That’s a very good one! In the movie “Austin Powers” again, we have the Lip Sofa again and the beautiful Tulip table created by Eero Saarinen.

In complement an attractive woman in a cage ;-)

Lip sofa by Bocca +  Eero Saarinen's Tulip table in Austin Powers

In the movie “Mars Attack”, the gorgeous Pierce Brosnan is sitting in the Eero Aarnio Ball chair . Also a nice one :-)

Thanks Duc for all those pictures!! Hope to see some more next week ;-)

Designer Eero Aarnio Globe  chair  ( with BW Polka Dots ) in Mars Attacks !   - 1996 -  ( Sarah Jessica Parker + Pierce Brosnan)

Stephane also watched  movies and identified the beautiful Swan chair in the movie “Men In Black 3″, in the picture you’ll see Emma Thompson, as agent O, the head of MIB, standing between the two chairs.

Emma-Thompson-as-Agent-O-in-Men-in-Black-3 (1)Design furniture in movies

Maria send us some pictures from the movie ” Down with love”  directed by Peyton Reed. We have displayed many pictures from this movie and this one is new.

You can see  two Eero Saarinen Womb chairs. In Pink Fabulous!!

11-Down with love-design in movies

Thanks Maria!

What a great week!!

See you next week for more incredible pieces of furniture in movies. Don’t forget, there is a DSW to win :-)


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