Arco Lamp Reproduction. Original design by Achille Castiglioni
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    Regular Price: £1,414.32

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    8Arco Lamp square foot


      Achille Castiglioni was a renowned Italian industrial designer who took inspiration from the things in his surrounding. The strength of Achille Castiglioni was his ability to wrest inspirational form from minimal material, as is the case with the Arco Lamp upon which our retro reproduction takes its lead. The Arco Lamp is typical of much of his original work; with sweeping lines each piece has unique form with inbuilt functionality. Our reproduction piece is made in homage to this talented designer.

      The name Achille Castiglioni is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trade mark.
      Additional Information

      Additional Information

      Materials 60 KG marble block with brushed stainless steel
      Height * Width 230cm * 230cm
      Depth 33cm
      Weight 63
      Number of packages 1
      Designer Achille Castiglioni
      Achille Castiglioni

      Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) was a renowned Italian industrial designer. He was often inspired by everyday things and made use of ordinary materials. He preferred to use a minimal amount of materials to create forms with maximal effect.