The community - Rules

You declare having the full rights of ownership on the pictures you upload on Do not upload random pictures you find on the internet. You must take the pictures yourself.

You give the right to Retrofurnish to use the pictures you upload on Your pictures will be posted on the website and may be used on other sites (facebook, for example) or in print.

All pictures are subject to validation by Retrofurnish.  Obviously we will remove pictures not containing the pieces of furniture we sell.  Another important factor is the quality of the picture you upload. Also, we want to avoid any abuse.

We have the right to limit the number of pictures you submit. For instance, we do not want someone to upload 20 pictures of the same chair in the same room but from a different angle. Or even worse, 20 identical pictures.

Retrofurnish has the right to limit the total number of pictures per product.

 The pictures can accumulate votes during a 50 days period following the submission. After that, the picture may remain visible and people will still be able to vote and comment on that picture but the votes will not be added to your account.

To use your vote points, just contact us by email at

Our usual delivery delays apply to won profucts.

Retrofurnish has the right to stop the submission of pictures at any time.

These Rules & regulations can be changed by Retrofurnish  at any time without notice.