Order Follow Up

You made your choice and you ordered the products of your dream! You wish to know what the status of your order is and how long the delivery will be?

This is very easy: login to your account which you created when you placed your order. Just click on “My Account” on top of the page.

Suivi de commande

We developed a detailed tracking system with the following steps:

1. Order received: Your order has been confirmed and we’re processing it. This takes 1 or 2 weeks because we organise our production in batches. Once the batch is complete, it is sent to production (next step). 

2. Production : Your products are beeing produced. This step takes between 4 and 5 weeks.

3. Sea transport : Your order is on a boat. The travel time is 4 to 5 weeks.

4. Livraison : Your order has arrived in Europe! It will get through customs, will be unloaded and labeled. It is at this step that you receive your tracking number from the final transporter. This tracking number is operational 2 days before the final delivery. If you wish to have even more information about the delivery, you can contact the transporter directly. 

5. Delivery : Your order has arrived at your home!


Dear clients, this process tracking system has been set up to ease your wait and keep you informed in real time of the progress of your order.

The dates provided are estimates and are automatically updated as your order progresses.

The delays provided are estimates.