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With its chunky profiling and a distressed effect that boasts the distinctive styling of the Tribeca range, this item is the perfect addition to any interior ensemble. The jaunty angles and uneven surfaces of the Tribeca Cabinet combined with its partially sanded recycled wood façade create a kooky and adolescent piece of furniture with an air of retro-heritage. Three equally sized shelves taper in towards the bottom in a measured and relaxed depression on account of the object’s unique contours. These contours are instantly evocative of furniture designed throughout the 70s and 80s and lend the Tribeca Cabinet a chic that is instantly recognizable as post-modern, and subtly evocative of the Bauhaus movement. Below, four legs angle away from each other.

Its name is an acronym from "Triangle Below Canal Street". Like its namesake, the ‘triangle’ of the Tribeca Cabinet is actually more of a trapezoidal shape. Standing at 90cm by 70cm and with an overall depth of 40cm, this handmade item will cut an impressive figure wherever it’s set; large enough to make an impression, yet sleek enough to blend into the furniture of the room. This is an item that can be made a centerpiece or a utilitarian object.

The Tribeca Cabinet is part of the Tribeca Collection and as such is ideally placed in an unified ensemble that would allow the four furniture items to complement each other naturally. But the jaunty angles, contours and legs of this item in collaboration with its distressed feel ensure that the Tribeca Cabinet would be a fitting companion to any eclectic ensemble. This is a truly functional piece of furniture. Whether you decide to use it as side table or to employ the shelves and cupboard as a makeshift bookshelf, the Tribeca Cabinet is sure to find an easy place within your home.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Materials Recycled Wood
Height * Width 90cm*70cm
Depth 40cm
Number of packages 1
Designer Retro Design
Retro Design